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Re: I think I may have a Pituitary tumour/Cushing's? Please help!

Originally Posted by babyboosabz View Post
Okay, for the past 2/3 year I have noticed changes with my body, though I had thought they where probably unrelated or natural changes.
I am an 18 year old female.
I have not had a period in about 6 months, and for the past 3 years they have been very irregular, coming every 3-5 months.
Since the sumemer of 2010, I have noticed a big change in my body shape. I used to have a very flat and defined stomach before, and was a pear/hourglass shape.
Then in 2010, I started doing a lot of walking daily, like 1/2 hours. I noticed, the more walking I did, the bigger my stomach would get, whilst my arms and legs lost weight. Since then, my body shape has completely completely changed. I am now an apple shape, even though I eat the same as I did before (not alot) and I excersise like 3 times a week. But my stomach has completely changed, and is really quite fat now. I can't wear the tight dresses I did before, because it is unsightly.
I also noticed my shoulders/neck began to change. My shoulders started looking much more round. Hard tissue began to appear in between my shoulders and neck, above my colarbone. My neck began to look much more short, and my posture started to get pretty bad. My neck constantly feels tight and I get back-ache and neck pains, and it feels very tight and wound up. It also looks as though I am leaning my head forward when I sit down, and I have noticed the 'hump' symptom on the back of my neck, my neck looks like I have a small hunchback.
I have noticed in the past 12 months, a very big difference with my body hair. I used to have very little body hair, much less than most of my friends. But after the summer last year, I saw my calves had become much much hairier and the hairs where darker too, I didn't understand why this had happened. Up until I was 17, I didn't really have to pluck my eyebrows much, they where thin and smooth. Now, I have to pluck them up to 4 times a week. I have even had to start shaving the hairs above, under and between them because there is much more of it, and it grows back very fast. I have also noticed hair growing above my upper lip. This was never there before. My sideburns, nostrils, arms, knuckles, armpits, private area, stomach and chest have all become significantly hairier.
One of the things I have noticed the most is, that my face has gotten rounder. It's like my face shape has changed. I can no longer wear ponytail, or flat hair styles, because it exposes the roundness and lack of definition in my chin. My face used to be slim and oval before, now it almost looks triangular because the lower half has gotten pretty fat. I have a double chin now, and I have also noticed discoloration on my neck. There is a brownish slightly deep crease going around my neck. There is also discoloration on my underarms and inner thighs. I have started getting pink stretch marks on my inner thighs.
I find I have to sleep alot to feel as though I have gotten a decent amount of sleep, and often get eye twitches when tired where my eyes will twitch. Before I go to sleep, I often find it hard to fall asleep because I will keep jolting myself awake whilst my neck and body will spasm up.
I developed epilepsy when I was 14 (I have had 4 seizures) each time I would get a seizure would be when I had been very tired and sleepy.
I never used to sweat alot before, though since 2010, I have started to sweat very much. I have to shower 50 minutes every morning, repeatadly pouring showergel and even washing up liquid to reduce sweating on my armpits and body. I wash my hair twice daily, I don't use conditioner any more because it makes my hair too greasy. Sometimes I even use washing up liquid on it to stop it getting greasy. I put lots of deadront on, and get ready with the heating of even when it's cold because it flushes my face alot. By the end of the day, I will be sweaty, my hair will be greasy and lank, and my skin will feel greasy and oily.
My face has become very red since 2010. I look very flused even though I have a tan skin tone. If it is hot, or I have excersised I will look extremely red.
I often feel overheated when other people do not. In the winter, whilst it was snowing, I didn't once wear a winter jacket because they make me too sweaty. I a few times went out while it was snowing wearing a summer dress, tights and a thin cardigan, but didn't feel painfully cold.
Since late 2009, I have sturggled with on-off depression, anxiety, suicidal thought, self-harm and body issues since my shape changed. Before this, I had always been content and happy, now it seems like the smallest bit of stress is very difficult for me to cope with.
My teeth have started changing, I never needed braces, but all of a sudden, they have started to become crooked, I get tooth aches alot, infact I have one right now. I know tooth changes can be caused by the jaw getting bigger.
My vision has gotten worse, I used to have pretty much perfect vision up until I was 16. Then all of a sudden it decreased by -1.5 in both eyes, a year later, it had decreased by another 0.5 in both eyes.
My memory has been all over the place lately. I walk into rooms, and sometimes forget why I went in. I don't remember peoples names easily. I forget appointment times, where shops are, and what day of the week things happened.

If you managed to read through all that, congratulations and I am sorry about the length of it. I was just wondering, because these changes have been making me feel abit crap lately, whether they could have been caused by Cushing's? Because I went to my gp about it on friday, told her my symptoms, I told her I am worried I might have pcos, but as soon as I mentioned it might be cushing's she changed the subject swiftly and said,
that she would refer me to get an ultrasound to check for cysts in about a month. I'm worried because I don't want to keep gaining more weight especially as it's leading up to summer and I hate how my face is getting fat in a way that's out of proportion. Anyway, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
This got my attention (bold). It sounds like you have a hormonal inbalance. My face is circular. I kid you not. It's like a dinnerplate! I do have hormonal issues however, and the period thing is just like me.

The memory thing too. Oh my word. I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

My advice? See a doctor! Don't let it get ya down.

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