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Re: Ready to say "screw it" to ALL dr's!

I am so sorry you go through this, it must be very hard for you to handle not only pain but mental frustration.
I just will share with you what I know about it.

This is absolutely truth, not every office can Rx opiates. If you have pain issues, usually they send you to a Pain Mgmt Dr who Rx it to you if he feels the need. I am with my PM since 2003, have no problem to get my RX after seeing him every month, but I have to travel to NYC to do so. I dont mind doing it, he is worth every minute of traveling, but with gasoline prices I thought why cant I get Rx from my GP instead and see Pm once in 3 month?
When I asked my wonderful GP, who knows my family for many years if I can get RX from him, he said he doesn't have any problem to Rx it to me, he trusts me 100% but only if my PM sends him some kind of contract and lets him doing it, doses included.

The only thing, GP's not trained to treat chronic pain, they cant increase/decrease/change meds for you; for it you still need your PM DR.

After my spinal surgeries/knee surgeries, etc. surgeon can Rx opiates for you just for short period of time, than they send you to PM anyway.
I know how hard this for people in pain, but since abusers don't do us, CP's any favor by abusing drugs, they all are very careful in RX them to us. And many offices dont bother with it at all.

You just talk to your GP and ask if he/she thinks you are bad enough to go and see PM and go from there. And BTW, burning/tingling pain usually taken care not by opiates, but by taking "nerve"drugs like Neurontin, Lurica, etc. But I am not a doctor, just ask them about it and maybe they will be able to help you. I am sorry you suffer so much though!


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