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Re: Could this skin problem be an autoimmune disorder?

Excessive drinking can cause stomach issues along with bowel problems. What you describe as blisters, sound to me like a form of acne I suffered from, and still do to a point called superficial scarring acne. Its basically a small cyst under the skin, and after it ruptures it leaves a pock mark or scar. My back was never the same after a 2nd/3rd degree sunburn when I was about 14 or 15. Also, poor diet an cause a lot of your symptoms too. My suggestion would be to eat better for awhile and see what happens. Eliminate as much of the excess fats and such to see if it helps and makes a difference. Its also possible that you have an over active bowel. My brother had trouble when he was in his early teens and would be on the toilet numerous times in a day. Eliminating gluten from your diet as opposed to wheat may help too. That is a major factor when it ones to celiac disease too. Just a few suggestions, that may help. Hope you find some relief!