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First visit with RD

So... the doc seemed to be in a hurry. She was wearing a short, satin, Cinderella -like, cocktail dress when she came in and the nurse informed me that she would come back for my vitals so the doc could hurry in. We talked for 20 minutes. She said my pinkish joint looked "really weird " but not all of my symptoms sounded like an auto immune disease and asked about nerve conduction studies. She said she really didn't think it was auto immune, but some symptoms could suggest an autoimmune disease she ordered a complete RA and Lupus panel without RF and ANA. I guess she committed those because they were negative in March. She did these to rule out autoimmune diseases and said she thinks this is more mechanical in nature. I am not sure why, but she said something about the way I described some of the pain as an ache or burn when it is prolonged. She did not want to see the pictures I took of the bruising in my hands and ankles.

Since then, my symptoms have remained the same, but I am handling the mornings better and don't feel like I have the flu anymore. I am still having joint pain in the same joints, eye irritation, shortness of breath, and bruising. My elbow became sore all day one day last week and the pain started to radiate as it does when it affects my elbow. Then the aching started and my wrist has a painful localized burning feeling with a raised red area that screamed swollen blood vessel and then five minutes later it popped. This must be some form of vasculitis which is auto immune so I am very confused as to why she was not interested in the bruising.

In the mean time I continue to research. My husband is much more helpful and understanding but is still somewhat frustrated sigh my obsession to figure out what is going very wrong with me. The other night I woke up very uncomfortable in my most comfortable propped up position and felt the need to move. I was frozen. That hes never happened before. He wiggled and nudged me around until I could get the motivation or unfrozen whatever ghat was feeling to go away. Somebody has to figure this out and I am not feeling this doctor is starting down the right path or hearing me correctly. I almost want the blood tests to show something so we have a pplace to start. I am worried this is going to be one of those cases where no one knows and I am brushed off. When do they dart yo take you seriously.? When they see it? I showed her the changes in my hand and she said bone changers are normal for everyone and they can happen very fast. She said this is normal part of aging and if I watched the changes I would make my self nuts. I am only thirty four. They only thing she deems puzzled by ese my "really weird" pinky joint. I should have asked her why she thought. It was weird and not the others.


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