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Re: anyone else experience night visitors?

My Dad with his vascular dementia had many. Sometimes they were killing hogs, or he needed to check on his brothers who were sleeping, or people were coming in to do harm to him or others. Many mornings he would talk about his brother who visited the night before even through he had died 30 years before. He also saw bugs on the wall and fires. Parkinson and Lewy Body Dementia also have hallucination components.

It is very difficult for those with cognitive impairment to know the difference between a dream and reality. They also have difficulty knowing that the TV or radio is not real. So you might want to know what he is seeing on TV that bring on these types of delusions.

Does he have other cognitive disabilities. Does he know what day, month, season, and year it is? Can he follow simple directions? Can he subtract numbers? Does he get lost or forget who familiar people are? I do hope you can get a good diagnosis since there are so many conditions that can cause hallucinations or delusions. Sometimes it does take a while to get a diagnosis because there is not a simple test that will give you the answer you need. You might want to hurry up the process if possible. What other health problems does he have?

As I mentioned you might want to limit TV watching or make sure all TVs and radios are turned off at bedtime. Shadows can be mistaken as people so it might help to leave a light on in his room. Or he may prefer complete darkness. My best guess is the night time hallucinations are related to dreams. Does he have hallucinations during the Day.

Love, deb