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Re: anyone else experience night visitors?

Yes, my aunt did.

She is 88, with moderate stage vascular dementia.

She had many hallucinations and delusions, especially at night would confound dreams with reality. Many of them are bizarre hallucinations and delusions, which of course makes them easier to recognize, but many were of ordinary things which simply did not happen (these are the harder ones to recognize).

She was already somewhat physically incapacitated by many times she would attempt to get up (and end up falling out of bed) to "fight them", etc. They were very frightening to her.

Once we realized that she was having these confusions and hallucinations also realized eventually that many of the other things she said were happening, were also not actually happening.

Shortly after this began happening she had a fall with a broken bone and we were able to use that as a reason to get her to the right facility.

Since she has been on the right "happy cocktail" (two anti-depressants, one anti-pychotic and anti-anxiety as needed) her bizarre hallucinations greatly diminished.

Originally Posted by amaleigh View Post
My dad possibly has alzheimers, we are still waiting for tests/evaluation its been 5 months. he has been experiencing 'visitors' at night for many months and gets hardly any sleep. these visitors range from one person, to groups of people (who all appear to be old fashioned/dressed like quaker/amish). Dad wakes to find them leaning over him staring, he things they are hurting him so tries to fight them off. (he told us he got one with a pillow the other night) he is covered with bruising as he bashes himself on night stand etc. sometimes he has a large cat with big eyes just sat there. the doctor seemed interested in the type of visitor he gets, but offers no explanation. my dads health is deteriorating rapidly he becomes lost and out of control and thinks he is dying. we have an appointment in 6 weeks with a consultant but dont think he can wait much longer.

Does anyone else have experience of this type of visitation or any explanation please. we have tried using mild sleeping pills but they dont help. thank you