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Re: Questions about Bulbar onset

My mother was diagnosed with Bulbar onset March 2012. At that point she was in late stage. As we look back on it now we think she started the initial symptoms about 2 years ago. In March 2011 she began having problems clearing her throat and was using cough drops constantly. In June 2011 she was hospitalized for problems with her legs but was still able to talk clearly. By fall of 2011 we noticed a great change in her voice and went to an ENT who found nothing and that was a waste of an appointment. I then got her into a neurologist because I thought she suffered a stroke and then that is how we came to the diagnosis of ALS. I guess each person can progress at various rates. My mother never had major twitching and never complained of feeling a pinching in her throat. Her main issue has been muscle weakness but she is pretty much on a liquid diet at this point due to swallowing issues.

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How fast can it progress? I've posted on here before with my symptoms. For five days now, I've had difficulty swallowing. It seems to get worse day by day. After that, I began to have twitches all over my body. Everywhere. Face, tongue, back, all in my legs, anywhere you can think of. Sometimes, all the same time. It only happens when I'm laying down. I have noticed a bit of muslce weakness, but nothing major. However, I have noticed my limbs on my left side feel weak. When I eat now, I can feel my food a lot; it feels sharp. It also feels like someone is pinching my throat glands. Is it possible for ALS symptoms to progress this quickly from throat to body, or even all at once, within a two months or within a few weeks?