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Angry Trying to get help

So, I have known now for awhile I have been depressed. According to the little quizzes online I have taken, I am severely depressed or major depression. Didn't come as a big surprise to me. The other night I finally let my wife in, she had suspected I was getting worse and worse, which I was/am. So I decided that I needed help before it got beyond the point of just thinking about suicide to the act itself.

I have called 10 offices trying to be seen. Nine of the places either do not accept my insurance (2) or are not taking new patients (7). One of the ones not taking new patients I got fed up with. I asked the lady on the phone if she had any tips for getting in with a doctor. I asked her "Short of trying to kill myself or checking myself into a facility for 72 hours what options do I have." Her oh so helpful response was "well a lot of the hospitals are turning away depression patients so you can not rely on checking yourself in." Oh fantastic. According to this lady, I have to kill myself to get help. Thanks.

I finally got a hold of one accepting new patients, and took my insurance. I actually felt a glimmer of hope. Then came the "Ok our next new patient appointment is August 14th." Yet another blow to an already unstable state of mind.

Do these people have no compassion or desire to help those seeking help before it is too late?

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