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Re: my mum committed suicide. why?

I am so sorry for such a terrible loss and especially about the many feelings and confusion that comes with having a suicide happen to a parent. I have also had a loss like that and all I felt was anger toward this person. This was not a parent but a dear friend. I think suicides are sometimes an act of momentary desperation and not something that had been planned for a long time. My friend who commited suicide was very ill with depression. He had planned his end for a long time. I have had to come to terms with his solution to the pain he suffered.

Your Mum, sounds like she had a huge argument with your uncle, became so enraged, she probably wanted to hurt him deeply. If she just could have waited until the next day.... her anger may have subsided enough to forget suicide as a way to get back at your uncle. I am so sorry this happened to you and your family. It is something that never can go away because it is what it is. Your mum loved her children but sadly, had a terrible argument and went through with what she thought was a solution to make your uncle pay. May God bless you.... this is a huge burden for any person but especially one so young.