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Recent Hip Dysplasia Diagnosis

I'm brand new to the whole world of posting in threads like this, but I'm really trying to gather as much knowlege as possible on this topic.

I'm 38 and was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. I have been told my bone is too straight, the socket is too shallow, and I have developed a significant bone spur on my pelvic.

It took many tests and before they finally took an x-ray and MRI that showed the problem. The first orthopedist told me there was nothing wrong, but the second one said there is definitely a problem. They have only looked at my right hip, even though my left hip feels very similar...just not as bad.

I received a cortisone injection in early March. It helped for a couple of weeks, but then the pain started creeping back in. I'm now dealing with pain to varying degrees pretty much all of the time now. I am a gastric bypass patient (4 years ago), so I am not allowed to take any anti-inflammatory medications. The pain is now interferring with everyday activities like driving and even shaving my legs.

I'm very active, especially during the summer. With the weather warming up, my activity has already started increasing and so has the pain. I'm flying to Florida this summer and I'm really concerned about being able to tolerate a 6 hour flight...not to mention being able to keep up with my daughter on this trip.

I am going back to see my doctor Wednesday and would really like suggestions on questions I should ask?? I'm feeling frustrated and confused by all of this. I don't understand how I was able to go this long without someone finding something that has supposedly been with me since birth. Anyway, I would love to hear from others in the same boat. Thanks!

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