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Re: Trying to get help

I am trying to see a psychiatrist. I don't want to involve my GP right now. I have to pass a full health physical for school, and I am not sure how that would affect it. I found one that could get me in on the 31st of this month but that seems like an eternity. I am on their cancellation list, however, so maybe I will hear something sooner rather than have to wait the nearly 4 weeks.

We had a gun in the house, and tonight I went and picked up a lock for it so I could secure it and give the keys to my wife to hide or keep with her. However, when I came home, and went to get it from the safe, it was gone. She had called my brother to come get it.

The issue is, he called me Friday night, the day after my wife and I talked, to see if I wanted to come over to his house for a bit on Saturday. All the while he and my wife had already talked about getting the gun from our house without me knowing. I know they are trying to help and keep me safe, but now the talk and the outreach I had with him has been jaded. He used the guise that he was a little depressed and wanted us to hang out more. This got me to open up to him about my issues. Now it just feels coerced. Like it was all planned. I am trying very hard not to get angry right now, but it is hard not to when feeling a little betrayed.