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When to go to ER?

I've been dx with IBD since 2000 @ 12 yrs old. I've never had any surgeries for my IBD (which resembles Crohns more so than UC) and opt for meds only during a flare. I'm currently in what I believe to be a pretty severe flare waiting for my referral to a GI. My current symptoms which have me concerned is severe left sided pain that comes in waves and vomiting blood. My question is at what point should an IBD patient go to the ER? I do not believe I have an obstruction because I'm still having D so what can the ER really do for IBD patients? My OB (I'm 18 wks pregnant) gave me Bentyl and Percocet which neither are helping. Even on the percocet (an anti-diarrhial and pain medicine) I'm still going a LOT. I can deal with the D as I've never known anything different but the severe pain is unbearable.

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