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Re: Wearing pants

Thank you for raising this issue! I thought I was the only one and didn't want to appear strange (I don't like being the man who wanders round his house without pants lol)

I too have less problem with silk, I've defaulted to wearing the silk-blend trousers from my suits when I need to appear smart (still not brilliant, but tolerable). For casual I've found I can tolerate the summer weight trousers made by a company here called Buffalo (don't know if they are available there or the equivalent) which are made from Pertex (5 is better than 6 for some reason). I think it has something to do with how smooth they are and without many seams. The absolute worst are jeans (torture by 501's).

I haven't found footwear that much of a problem, the pain is about the same with or without (walking on broken glass), assuming they are not too tight. the pain for me is mainly on the sole. Make sure the socks are seamless and again silk-blend and definitely not constrictive.

Have you considered testing the effects of different pant fabrics to find one that is the least irritating. There are a lot of silk blend fabrics out there and they are reasonably priced and even pure silk trousers are available for ladies. Also as a lady the shoe options are a bit wider for you, we men get lace-up for smart or nothing. Would a smart sandal, be acceptable? Would that be tolerable, even with a loose strap.

Hopefully the ladies here will have some better advice. Good luck with