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Recurring fevers, possibly started with strep

I've posted these on another thread but it probably makes more sense to start a new thread:

Has anyone else had something similar - recurring fevers every 20-something days that possibly started after strep?

I've been trying to get in touch with Marley. I'm new to this board so please be patient... I do want to thank Marley for posting her original and in so much detail. I think it helped track down what may have caused my son's recurring fevers. I hope someone will find this post useful.

My son started having recurring fevers a few months after age 2. He had recurring ear infections starting at 3 mths, lasting for 6 mths until the ear tube surgery, so I thought his immune system was catching up since he had always been on antibiotics then, and eardrops. His tubes closed in May of 2010. He then had Roseola sometime after that, then strep in October of 2010.

After about 9 months of the fevers - they would last for 3 days - I started keeping track and noticed that they seemed to occur every 21 days. I kept track by looking at emails of when I was out from work so not very accurate. The last few months, it's been every 20 days but it seems to be 19 to 23 days.

I looked up recurring fevers and found Marley's post. She seemed to think it started with strep so I did due diligence with checking when his started and lo and behold, it started the month after strep. (Back in those days it may have been 4 weeks apart). There was a fever episode in November 2010. Following that, I don't have records until May of the following year. From May of that year, I have records that are every 19-23 days. It's possible he had fevers between Nov and May but I'm not certain.

So after 9 months of fevers, I started to think this was abnormal and told our doctor who said to keep close track of it and if it kept recurring that he would refer us to an infectious diseases specialist.

He's been to the pediatrician during the fevers and had blood drawn and everything looks normal each time.

At the time I started tracking, the fevers were starting to be 4 days instead of 3 like at the beginning.

But here's the kicker. At the time I started to track it- writing it down, my son drank from his sibling's bottle and so I sterilized all the bottle parts. and guess what, he went 46 days (23 x2?) without a fever (from december to feb). not only that, but his fever was back to 3 days long. i realized we stuck a thermometer in is mouth during that 46 day period. the thermometers i had washed with soap and hot water but never thought to bleach them - i know, pretty stupid. never had sterilized the bottle parts either. So I started to wonder if there is still some lingering remains of the strep on stuff he'd had in his mouth. Also want to point out that he played a lot with christmas toys after december (the fever was end of december).

My husband bleached the thermometers and I sterilized bottle parts again and I bleached a bunch of toys. then shortly after his fever, i saw him stick a harmonica in his mouth that hadn't been bleached. i don't know if that had anything to do with anything. his next fever was in march and this time only on the first day did he have a high fever 102+ underarm. The next 2 days it was a low grade fever that didn't get past 99.6 underarm. No need for any meds the last 2 days. also want to point out that i used the thermometer underarm the entire time (at least the 2nd 2 days, not sure what my husband did the 1st day.)

The day after his fever ended, I stayed home and I removed all toys for bleaching, bleached most surfaces he's touched, including mirrors, handrails, doorknobs, table. So now i'm waiting for the april fever, due next week. i don't have high hopes though that it'll skip. sterilized bottle parts, bleached thermometers and made sure to wipe the entire surface of the thermometer w/ bleach solution. also bleached the tylenol/ibuprof dispensers.

Notes on sterilizing - i washed the parts first w/ soap and water. Heated water to a rolling boil. Put parts in, waited for the water to reach rolling boil again (lid on). Timed 15+ mins. Our dishwasher has a 'sanitize' mode. i guess that means the temp gets high enough to sterilize things. so bottles go in here, and the brushes i wash the bottle parts with after a sterilization session, and the containers i used to hold the non-sterilized parts. yes i get very fastidious here. :-).

so i have a theory - the strep virus in some form or other is somewhere in my house. he comes in contact with it on a near daily basis. it's dormant for about 19 days of a 23 day cycle and is then active 4-5 days of that cycle. it's not dying - probably lives for years and weakens with time. he didn't come in contact with it the first 23 day cycle for that 46 day period that he was fine. he came in contact with a weakened version last time since his fever was high one day and low the next 2.

It sounds as though colchicine suppresses fevers. I'm afraid of the side effects given how young my son is. I'm going to go with my theory and see if I can't kill this thing. but i'm not feeling very optimistic...

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