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Re: Recurring fevers, possibly started with strep

So my son had his recurring fever (April fever). It lasted one day. It happened 17 days after the first day of the last fever. On the night he had the fever (we noticed night - he was talking in his sleep and so we checked his temp), his temp was 100.6 oral. Gave Tylenol.
The next day, around 8:30am, his temp was 99.3 oral. At lunch time, 100.5 oral, and bedtime 99.6. He was back at daycare the following day.

The 17 days instead of 19 or 20 intrigued me and after some thought, I came up with a new theory. This one makes more mathematical sense than the last one.

I think he is getting infected after his last high fever, 17 days from the last time that something infected with strep was stuck in his mouth. In this case, I think the thermometer is the culprit. (In Mar, we used the thermometer underarm for the last 2 days.) This theory explains why he skipped a fever after the December fever.

We were visiting relatives when he had his fever in December of 2011. On a prior trip, I had noticed that packing the kids toiletries and meds took forever - locating them is what took a long time. So I had purchased and pre-packed new meds and toiletries (including Tylenol, Ibuprofen, thermometer, toothbrush and toothpaste.) None of these items were infected, and he missed a fever. When we thought it was time for his next fever, sometime thereabouts, we checked his temp.

This theory also meshes with another mom's posting I came across searching for recurring fevers. She said that her child didn't get a fever when they were on vacation. And another poster says that her child's fevers now last about a week and takes about 4 weeks to recur but used to be every 21 days for 3 days. Who knows...

When he had 3 day fevers, the time between the start date of two consecutive fevers was 20 days. I may be off by a day or so with the 17 day theory.

So only the bleached legos made it back into the playroom. After his last fever, I tossed his toothbrush, toothpaste, all medicine dispensers, all opened Tylenol and Ibuprofen and all thermometers. Sterilized bottle parts.

One more thing... he has been brushing his teeth with salt water. Not sure exactly when that started - probably after the March fever. It certainly helps to avoid recontamination of toothbrush and toothpaste if he is contagious during these fevers.

For the longest time, he has been rinsing with salt water after brushing his teeth with toddler toothpaste. So the salt water is not something new - the avoidance of toothpaste is.

Marley had wondered if what her son had could be genetic. The child's father was of German descent. In case there is a genetic component to this, if anyone's wondering, I'm Asian ****** (why does this website have issues with the word meaning from india?), my husband is part English, German and possibly dutch. (His father's mother was German.)

Given the fact that bleaching and sterilizing seems to be making a difference, I can't help feeling that it's more of a virus lurking around. It could be that a genetic factor makes him more susceptible.

Some background regarding his catching strep. He had a fever that lasted 3 days. It was gone either on the 3rd or 4th day but we had a pediatric appt and took him in. He tested positive for strep and we gave him the antibiotics. (It was either Amoxicillin or A....) He was not severely affected by strep in ways I've heard of others being affected - he was able to eat a little bit, not much. I thought he fought the strep so one of the reasons I recall now that I only used hot water and soap and didn't bother sterilizing everything was because I figured he had fought it and was therefore immune.

His next fever is due (17 days from last) tomorrow.

The thermometers last used were bleached to my satisfaction prior to use :-)

I'm holding my breath.

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