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Question Constant vision problems 24/7

   Okay, well I guess here goes nothing, I have been to every doctor known to man at this point,I just hope this post can help lead to help my problem or help somebody else not feel so alone in a time nobody else believes you, a doctor tells you that you just have anxiety/Depression or you feel your all alone. I have had horrifying vision disturbances for going on 3 1/2 years now and I am 23 years of age. The best way I can describe my symptoms are horrific, but I know that's not specific enough to help so here I go. I have a very non realistic/depersonalization feeling 24/7 not once does this issue give me a break, memory loss/trouble concentrating. Life seems to pass by and I'm not really there but I am, shaky limbs hands and even inside body shaky feeling, pressure feeling in eyes when it's really acting up. I personally do not trust doctors at this point, for I have been blown off so many times and been given to many prescriptions that fail, I can't even quite explain the fear I'm having to my parents and family they simply do not know. Anxiety of course is caused by this issue and only makes it intensify, the doctors tell me I'm anxious, I tell them have my symptoms for 3 years, tell me how you feel. Lol. I wake up the symptoms are there I go to bed, they are there, it's never ending. I sadly learned to cope better and accept it for what it is but it's so dibilitating I can't even work not to mention function. I can't go outside, stores are the worst, I prefer the dark as it does not bother my eyes more than usual my social life has been affected as well,I try to go outside and work through it but simply will not work out. Most of all I miss the sun and my friends. I'm starting to lose all hope and just learning to accept I have something wrong and it won't get ever get fixed, it's depressing in the least! I WILL post back to anybody feel free to message me if you feel this way your not alone keep your head up.

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