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Re: petrified of throw up??

I'm sorry you are afflicted with this, too. I am 56 yrs old and am still not completely cured. It's about managing your fear, learning to control your reaction to it. Easier said than done. My anxieties about another person vomiting include: it can get all over me, it can get spewed everywhere, horrible mess to clean up, it's violent, it's grose, it's startling, makes me feel sick, it can't be controlled or avoided, it looks and sounds horrible, etc.

I panic when I'm going to throw up, too. I don't know anyone who likes the process. It's best to allow nature to take it's course so your body can move on from it. Sometimes it gets severe, and sometimes medical help is needed. But, almost everyone recovers as good as new.

Regarding seeing another person throw up: It's OK not to stand it. It's OK to be able to get away from it. Try not to scream or cry as much, and take deep breaths. I've met other people who have to do that and plug their ears. Maybe you can go outside for awhile and get some fresh air if you're at home. At school, it's harder to do that. You're likely to be in good company there. Maybe you can say to yourself 'It's only temporary, it will be over soon, every human goes through it, I'm not alone, it won't kill me, etc.' It's going to be a slow process of aiming to become stronger in dealing with it.

At age eleven, I had my worst episode ever. My friend started throwing up at a fast-food stand. I fled away so fast to the other side of the building, climbed up into a planter, and hollered away. People at a nearby gas station stared in disbelief and concern. My mom spoke sharply to me and got me into the car. I kept my head between my knees all the way home. I did not even speak to my friend, which hurt her feelings. I realized how bad this was. I didn't want to be commited to the nut-house.

I sympathize with you so much. There are many on this site who have the same issue, so you are truly not unique or oddball in having it. It will be a slow process. You realize how it is wrecking your quality of life. It can take years to psych yourself up to become stronger. I'll quit talking for now. We can continue to talk about it, it you want.