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Re: Sjogrens and nausea, and flare up

Estelle 454, i was diagnosed with primary sjogren's because i tested negative for all other auto immunes. my flare ups are usually joint inflammation, it seems to come and stay for a few weeks, then just leave. it can be very painful and affect different joints with every flare up. for instance my toe joints hurt for weeks, i didn't even know that was possible!! the good thing with primary sjogren's is the joint inflammation doesn't do permanent damage like RA. but it can knock you down for a while. i am on plaquenil now and haven't had a flare up since, so i'm hoping it will help. i always have dry eyes and mouth,(tongue stays a little swolllen all the time), take meds for both, and fatique is worse some days than others, i am hoping the plaquenil will help with that too. personally i fear the joint pain the most, but at least now i know what it is and can quit thinking i'm crazy. good luck, my best advice is to find a good dr! i'm in the process now, i don't care how far i have to travel, i've learned over the last 5 yrs and seeing over 40 diff drs, that they are not all created equal!!