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Tendonitis and severe fatigue during peri and full menopause

I have read a lot from women here who are experiencing symptoms dismissed by doctors (and others!), that they know full well to be due to either peri or full menopause.

I am experiencing many utterly foul things, including severe tendon pain and tendonitis in various parts of my body, that will simply not heal up. As you can imagine, this is insufferable and there is apparently no help available, leaving me searching the internet endlessly for research papers linked to menopausal symptoms, to no avail. My sporting life is in tatters, which will mean little to those who do not indulge, but a great deal to those who do.

I am also so fatigued that I feel I can no longer function. I have seen many, many mentions of this ghastly fatigue on this forum, but even here, folk are trying to help by advising exercise. I have had to STOP exercising because I simply can't do it any more. Being a highly active sportswoman, I am finding this impossible to deal with and am actually feeling suicidal, as the life I am facing, or think I am facing, is not one I can deal with. Getting out of bed and finding my legs shaking prior to feeling like I just want to get right back in again is not my idea of a quality day!

I am not writing this to gain sympathy, but to ascertain whether or not there are in fact thousands of others out there who are suffering this. I am particularly interested to hear of other people's experiences with tendon pain, as I have hit a brick wall with my research on this one! Although joint pain is often mentioned, I have yet to come across a reference to tendonitis, which has practically crippled the right side of my body and both Achilles tendons.

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