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Re: adult ear tubes

I will share my adult tubes experience with you. I have eustachian tube dysfunction. Got it after a cold this January. By march I was at my wits end. My left ear, which is by far the worst symptom wise, got a tube inserted in office. It did not work out for me. I felt very,well, deaf! I immediately freaked out and the ENT removed it. I never got a chance to find out if it would really help me. I think that I might have done better with at least trying it for a week or so. From what I've read, many people have the problems you have initially, but as the brain adjusts to the changed sounds through the ear drum, the hearing improves. Also, as far as I know, tubes are meant to just help take over the eustachian tube function for awhile to allow pressure to be equaled in the middle ear. So I think the dr's hope that by the time the tubes come out, your own e tubes will be working correctly again. Hope this helps. Ive talked to some on this board that have tubes and have been ok with them after the initial adjustment period.