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Re: Wearing pants

When they did my first sympathetic block, I think they nicked a nerve for my uppEr left thigh. Either that or the subsequent. Locks knocked the rad there back. Who knows. I am just grateful it isnt like it used to be. Still numb and hurts when I am stressed, flaring, or with significant weather changes. Anywho. When it was at its worst, skirts were the worst to wear because they were lightly touching my skin. I ended up wearing a legging under them. I found that TEK gear yoga pants were the best for me. They are soft and the seam wasn't too hard on me and didn't run over the worst areas.

Good luck. If I could just find shoes. Sigh. I make do with dansko mules. I cannot have anything over my heel. Thankfully the top of my foot is okay. Just the store back and heel of my feet and the soles hurt so bad. Ugh.

Hang in there