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Re: Lyme Symptoms question?

Originally Posted by mbr64 View Post

Can one only have a few symptoms of Lyme disease/co-infection? I ask because I have had a constant 24/7 headache for years and years, mainly around/behind eyes and forehead, along with jaw pain, sinus-type pressure, brain fog and fatigue. I have seen multiple neurologists, ENTs, tons of dentists that treat TMJ disorder, allergists, eye docs, psychiatrists, chiros, accupuncturists, you name it, I've seen them. I've had every MRI and CAT scan under the sun done - everything normal.

I don't ever recall having a rash, and I don't have any of the other lyme type symptoms. However, at this point, I believe I am going to make an appointment to see a LLMD in Michigan and have him test me for possible lyme and the co-infections. He uses Igenex labs.

I NEED to try something new to find out why I have this 24/7 headache. Does lyme/co-infection sound possible? Any advice is appreciated.
It would be very helpful to have someone check you out but before making a trip X amount of miles to Michigan and pay X amount of dollars for a co-pay. Try to go to your primary care doctor and have him order you an ELISA test. This is your first step into testing for Lyme diaease. If this comes back abnormal then I would make the appointment and the drive to get the "western blot" test sent to igenex. Be ready though I'm in Pittsburgh pa and i spent 100 bucks to ship it to them. Been suffering since 09, igenex positive Nov. 11, been on antibiotics orally since then and am now on my second month of IV antibiotics. Good luck!