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Re: adult ear tubes

Jen, Thank you for your reply. I can't say that my hearing is back to normal but it has improved. I can see where having a hole in the ear which is made to put the tube through would cause hearing loss while healing. The itching is driving me crazy though. I don't understand why the itching. I thought perhaps it was from the antibiotics but have not used them today. I will use a drop tonight in each ear for the last time as directed by the doctor. The doctor said my ear drums were very badly scarred from the pressure problems caused from flying. THE GREAT PART IS THAT MY EARS FEEL OPEN AFTER FEELING COMPLETELY PLUGGED UP FOR 2 YEARS! I wish I would have called the doc today to ask about the itching. I fly tomorrow morning so won't have a chance to call until next week. Thanks again. Jen, after the tubes were inserted, I turned on the car ignition and didn't think the car was running as I could not hear it. That was really weird. I barely heard my husband when he talked to me and I had to keep asking him to speak up. Today I definitley heard the car running and have been able to hear my husband better.