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Re: Can't reach orgasm during sex, but can alone

Originally Posted by DoveLynn View Post
I'm 26 years old, 27 later this year and cannot reach an orgasm through vaginal intercourse. When I masturbate with a toy, it can be reached sometimes as easily as 30 seconds. During oral, it can be reached as well but not as quickly as masturbation (which, I know we all know ourselves better than others). For some reason, no matter how great the foreplay and oral is.. intercourse will never make it happen. Is there a trick? Does vaginal stimulation create a different orgasm feeling from clitoral stimulation and I don't know I'm have one? I'm really becoming concerned with this and frustrated (as you can imagine!). Does anyone know anything I can do?
I'm 24 i have never reached orgasm from sex ever ever.I can from a toy too and i can from oral. I think a lot of women can't and they just think they can, or they are lying. Whenever i tell guy's that i can't reach orgasm from sex they say something like "that's because you never had me" or something dumb and i tell them no i definitely can't and i believe most women cant. and they say that they have made plenty of women orgasm, and they get offended when i tell them that those women were probably liyng. I have always dreamed about how great and amazing it would be to orgasm from sex. You are not alone!