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Are my teeth ruined forever?

When I was younger, I used to have fantastically nice teeth. As I've grown older, I haven't reallized that my teeth have been slowly, but surely shifting.
Actually, I'm not entirely sure how to explain this. I' m almost completely sure it was caused by my violin playing but I don't know how to describe it since I haven' t known of it happening to anyone else.
If you are a violin player, you know that you are not supposed to clench your teeth while you are playing. When I started in 5th grade, no one told me that. I played in my school orchestra, and my teacher didn't tell us very much. Being a kid, and being the only person in my family who plays an instrument, I didn' t know any better. My playing position has been terrible ever since and I' m not sure how to fix it. I still clench. I don' t know how to keep my violin stable otherwise.
The bottom left half of my teeth has been shifted entirely. I' m not sure whether or not the jaw was the part that moved, but that part of my teeth, starting from the incisor, has been completely pushed inward. It makes biting unbelievably uncomfortable. I don' t know if this can be fixed with braces, but I don't even have enough money to get them in the first place. My dentist never noticed that anything was wrong. Being a teenager, I have little to no control over my dentist, as my parents feel that as long as my teeth aren' t falling out, I'm perfectly fine.

What do I do? Everything is uncomfortable and I don't know how to fix it.

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