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Unhappy My Toddler Hits me...

...and throws chairs, toys, or anything he can get his hands on. He screams bloody murder, pinches, squeezes and bites. He slaps, kicks and carries on until he just can't keep it up any longer and falls asleep.

He's 3 and a half. And this has been going on since birth. I always knew something was "off" with him. He'd bang his head as an infant, and cry uncontrollably to the point I'd have to restrain him in his carseat as to not hurt himself. So, please, don't tell me it's a "stage"...

I have 6 kids in all, and NONE of them have this "built-in rage" and it's exhausting me at this point, and now I'M losing my temper with HIM!

He's had some therapy; speech, occupational, and behavioural. His psychologist says he's got a mood disorder and SPD (sensory processing disorder) and a speech delay. He UNDERSTANDS everything you say to him...yet has trouble communicating and using his words. He can be very sweet one minute, then in a total rage the next.

I guess I'm not so much looking for a diagnosis, or an answer to a question...yet, looking for parents who go through this kind of stuff with their child. Someone I can bounce ideas off who's 'been there-done that'...

I believe he was BORN with this disorder, because, like I mentioned, it's been since birth that he is unconsolable with ZERO self soothing skills. His rage is sucking the life out of me, where I use to be a fun-loving parent... I actually DREAD the daily struggles... because it's so hard for me and my family and the other kids....

Please, if you know of anything that you've personally done to help your 'moody child' let me know

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