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Regular Diet and Nutrition (Working Late/Night Shift)

Hi guys,

I will be working like an night owl soon (May end as late as 2-3am). There are a few concern I would like to know.

Do I have to eat meal according to the time of the days or according to my shift? (E.g. If I start work on the afternoon to late night, do I eat "breakfast" or "lunch" on afternoon?)
I did a bit of research but different place seem to have a different answer.

I would hope that there are some explanation and research prove with the answer.

Secondly, as I know that -
From 11pm - 3am, most blood circulate in your liver. Your body will go through detoxification process.
From 3am - 5am, most blood circulate in your lung.
From 5am - 7am, most blood circulate in your large intestine.
From 7am - 9am, most blood circulate in your stomach.

What are the nutrition food that I should have to compensate my sleep to protect my body?

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