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Update on Mom

The last time I wrote, she was still living alone. Her mood had improved being on Namenda. Her neurologist said she was capable of living alone(she had extensive testing), but she needed to wear that device around her neck (to report falling). Well, she refused to wear it and fell. I estimate she was probably on the floor for at least 3 hours before I found her. She had broken her shoulder severely. After surgery, she went to a rehab which was 3 min. from my home, so I was able to get there often. My sister wanted her to stay with her temporarily after she was released. She hated her job, so it took no convincing to get her to quit, and care for mom. The plan was for her to care for mom in mom's home, but only 4 hours/day---going back and forth. My sister is married to a saint.(He had just gone thru coordinating caregivers for his mom---she had insurance that paid for 8 hrs/day.) It was not a good situation. Anyway, he called me and said it was HIS idea for mom to stay with them permanently. So, Mom has her own room on the main floor,next to the bathroom. He likes to cook, so she gets good food. It's not all perfect....they went out and forgot to give Mom dinner, and my sister still forgets to call in meds. However, I am thankful every day for our good luck. Mom has care,and it's costing her estate less than 23,000/year. My sister doesn't even seem to mind when Mom has accidents...told her to put Mom in Depends!! In retrospect, there is no way mom could have lived at home without more help.

I know this is one of the better stories here and I don't mean to boast. I have plenty of bad stuff in my life....I've had cancer 3 times and still have it. My husband has had serious health issues for 20 years. He almost died of sepsis!! Thank goodness something worked out in my life!! I just hope it lasts and things keep going OK.

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