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Re: Sudden, Severe Pelvic/Rectum/Abdominal Pain

Originally Posted by Jules1978 View Post
Hi did you ver find out whatthis was, i had the exact same thing last night, the pain was worse than child birth and believe me ive git 4 kids so i know what that feels like, this was turture it was like being rupped open from the inside, but it was one long constant intense pain it didnt happen in waves it just wouldnt stop and i couldnt move at all it hurt si much i was wretching to be sick with the pain, i eventually got hubby to hear me and he put me in bath, it eventually eased but all day today ive got this horrible dull ache that can only be described like my bladder hurts, anyone know what this is???
So I ended up just seeing my regular doctor, he told me that I needed to see my gyno, and then I had to wait a few weeks to see him. I do NOT know if it is actually related at all, but when my gyno did my exam he noted a small lesion and biopsied it and it ended up being vulvar intraepthial neoplasia and I had to have surgery to have it removed as it is a pre-cancerous condition. He never said that the pain was directly related, but I would maybe see a doctor and get your annual pap!