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I think I might be pregnant!

I've been going out with my boyfriend for about 4 months & we had sex about 2 weeks ago & we it was unprotected, we both know that we should have been safe but it happened & wasn't supposed to.
The thing that's worrying us now is that he told me that he was 99% sure that he pulled out but now we're just both worried incase I'm pregnant, I am due my period basically but I worked it out I should get my period on either Monday or Tuesday (but that's just a rough idea) but the worry is still there that I might not get my period. I did a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative and it gave me a bit of relief but I still have a bit of doubt that I could still be pregnant.
What should I do? Should I wait until Monday or Tuesday & see if I get my period & if i don't should I do another pregnancy test? Or do i go to my doctor and see what they say ?

Please help, any advice would be appreciated!

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