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Re: Can't reach orgasm during sex, but can alone

Maybe you could quit "pleasuring" yourself, since your obviously orgasming through stimulation directly on your clitoris, Hard rubbing, and I know some of the toys are really strong too! It''s like when men masturbate a lot, sometimes sex cant bring them to orgasm, because they are used to the strong grip from their hands. I think as long as you can have an orgasm through sex, even though you are "grinding" against him, it counts!! Like I said, very rarely have I even been able to achieve an orgasm without any type of clitoral stimulation, one was with a man who had a very small penis, and another with a man who kind of had a "curve" to his penis, therefore, maybe hitting the "g spot"?

Still, I think anyone, even "sex therapists", will tell you for a woman to have an orgasm with no clitoral stimulation is VERY difficult, probably even kind of rare, and from having both, with stimulation and without, the feeling is no different. The orgasms are the same for me, as long as there is a penis inside. Orgasms from oral are a little different.