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Question osteoporosis make your extremities weak random bone pain

I had a hysterectomy early on age 32 and could not go back on estrogen. DX osteopenia than osteoporosis for some years now.
I am in my 40's but in my early 40;s I shrank two inches .

I am experiencing random bone pain - sometimes it seems like it might be in my joints though. A lot in my left arm bone between elbow and the wrist . I get it in my feet bones too.
BUt more importantly I have had such a change in my level of strength and its so weird it hurts to lift to open our house windows to open jars of food, etc.

I used to run and I can't do that anymore

additionally I was recently diagnosed with a herniated discs, prolapse, spinal tear, I never thought that this could be related because its in my lower back.
THere is such numbness and tingling on my left leg from the nerve root being impacted

SO does anyone else experience these things where its hard to open things?

DOes anyone have random pain?

Does anyone know if herniations, and all that stuff (like spinal degeneration) is its own thing or due to osteoporosis


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