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Re: Constant vision problems 24/7

I am new here too!...i too am in the depths of despair over my debilitating and freaky weird out-of this world symptoms. i have thank-god found this site only today.I am utterly overjoyed at what i am reading- I AM NOT ALONE AFTER ALL!! i cant tell you how good that feels .Right! HERE is how i would describe the symtoms i have been staggering through (quite literally) the last 22 f*****g yrs with- swimmy eyes,blurred vision,slow image catch-up when moving head,imbalance,clumsy,falling sideways,floating,spaced-out,out of body weirdness,difficulty walking in a straight line when walking somewhere busy,mental fog and sluggishness,forgetfullness,confusion,fl uoro lights/busy streets/blarring images make it worse,clicking in ears,ringing in ears....anxiety,fatigue,depression.THESE are in my opinion,having spent the whole day on this site (in between caring for my 1yr old!), the result of a vestibular disorder caused by a virus that floored me way back in 1991.I have never been able to shake this off and have come on here for advice to finally tackle this once and fro all.
BTW i am a 38 yr old mum of 3 from south west UK and have recently also been diagnosed with multiple hormones disorders including -hypothyroid,adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance.I am tackling these aswell (mostly WITHOUT the docs as they have been nothing short of useless in the whole 22 yrs)
Lets hope we get answers Da Joker- i'm sorry i cant be of much help but just wanted to answer you as this is my first post aswell