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Relapsed, thinking suboxone is my only hope.

Hi all,
So i made it about 2 or 3 weeks and caved into the anxiety and cravings. This sucks. I feel so powersless over this and dont want to spend the rest of my life using. i truly dont. I hate myself for what i've done but have to look forward ionstead of having a"poor me" party.

OK for as long as ive been doing opiates, i know that i cannot taper. i always take more than i should. im not scared of the withdrawal, im scared of the weeks and months that follow. I need help. I ned something to get me thru it all besides friends and god. its sad but i know myself. hell, we all know ourselves to a degree.

I am a disabled veteran and have 100% benefits through the VA. So, money is not an issue. I wont have to pay for any treatment. From the hours and hours of research ive done, suboxone is looking like the only thing to save my life. And this really is life or death for me. Aceteminophen is hard on the liver and im getting way more than the max daily dose from the lorcet.

I need some advice on the whiole suboxone route, i need success stories, not a lecture please... ive lectured myself enough. i need to know how to line this up, what to expect, and how to be successful this time. i want this as much as i want to keep my son! Any and all info and advice for success is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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