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Re: Relapsed, thinking suboxone is my only hope.

Hi Tysmom, I guess if you really decided you want to go the suboxone route all you gotta do is call your VA and tell them what you wrote above. Suboxone is just another drug but I found for me that it gave me a chance to slow down and get my head together some what. I,m sure you,ve read that it,s addictive. Do what your dr. says but keep in mind that you don,t need to take a high dose for it to be effective. I,ve read other posts where dr. started patient on 16-24mg. and patients just took less for same effect. Probably best to be on same page as Dr. through the whole treatment. I started on just 12mg. and it worked fine. I had a pretty bad oxy habit. You will want to taper slowly, you probaly don,t want to be on this stuff forever, too much of any drug is not good for the body. The first couple of days I was on it I felt a little weird, not bad just maybe depressed. After that I felt normal, sober, straight, not sick. It was a strange feeling at first, who am I kidding, still is. Havn,t felt this way in years. Been a little over 2 months now and I,m into the taper process. You will not have to get off subs. as fast as I,m trying, just my preferance. Go at your own pace. Your going to have to be in your opiate wd before you take your first dose or you,ll get real sick. They might want you to go to counceling. My dr. writes me 30 day script and I see him once a month. VA might be different. I bet you don,t want to hear this but NA meetings could help. This is all I can think of right now and you probably knew all this anyways. Don,t hate yourself just because you relasped, sh*t happens. Pick yourself up and go get some help. Keep posting and hang in there.

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