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Re: Lasik Wavefront. No improvement after 1 week - reassurance please!

That's strange; I get the impression that after a week you should be just about where you'll end up, particularly from a lower prescription like -3.5. Having said that, at my 8-day check, my right eye was still a little short-sighted and astigmatic, and I was told it could still shift a bit more - so there's still a chance for you. Was yours Intralase ("bladeless"/"all laser") or using a microkeratome? Mine was the former, the latter can take a bit longer to heal as well.

If you're following the usual (one day, one week, one month) checkup pattern for LASIK you should be about due a one-week check. Mine was yesterday morning; I was told I'm 20/20 in the left, -0.50 with 1.00D astigmatism in the right, were you told anything specific?

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