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Re: HELP PLEASE: Acting drunk but not drinking?

i have so many questions for you and dont know where to start. like how much did he drink? for how many years? what was he drinking? the behavior he's displaying, if you are sure it isnt attention seeking behavior, is serious. i don't know for sure the details surrounding youre (his) situation, so if you could post more detail, it would help. i stood by my sisters side as her husband who had 2 years sober, began to act drunk, have memory problems, almost act like a child. he was disoriented and sometimes didnt know who he was, who my sister was, or where he was. my sister got him to a doctor only to find out that his ammoniua levels were very high. this was, for him, the beginning of liver failure. within hours of him being on the right iv meds, his whole demeanor changed. back to his old self. only he wasnt sure why he was in the hospital, as he didnt remember it. over the course of the next year these episodes got closer together and more severe in duration. his liver had almost completely failed him. he finally was put on hospice and died two years ago. almost to the day. i urge you to get him to the doctor tofind out what is going on with your dad. every alcoholic is different. ive seen someone read their last rights on their death bed, while wife and two children cried and made funeral arrangements. he has 9 years sober to this day and he is one of the greatest supports i had in recovery. hes soing awesome. and ive heard of people who are 25 and younger dying of alcohol polisoning or liver failure due to alcohol. this really is a disease that is so case by case. one thing you can count on is a doctor doing the right tests to find out what exactly is going on. i will pray for you and your dad, and PLEASE keep me posted. i get on here a few times a day. if you have any specific questions, ask and if i dont know, ill ask my sister directly. she has gotten so much education in this field and helped so many family members deal with alcoholics. i do hope it all works out. oh and i just wanted to add, this may not even be related. it may be something totally unrelated to his drinking, thats why a doctor is so important now. take care.

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