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Re: HELP PLEASE: Acting drunk but not drinking?

Hello Kelly,

Thanks a lot for your detailed and sincere reply.

My father has actually a lot going on the health side. We were seeing a lot of doctors since a couple of weeks to understand if his drinking and smoking made any serious damage to his organs.

By looking at his blood tests, doctors found his uric acid high but told us there is not a serious problem with his liver. But after reading your message I will get a third opinion for sure. I am not sure how they test the liver besides the blood test, I'd be happy to know if there is another method to catch a liver failure in an earlier stage.

He also suffered from a depression and he as a medium degree sleep apnea. So I thought maybe with the depression past and sleep apnea, giving up the alcohol and smoking might have this kind of symptoms. A neurologist saw him and did not ask for any tests. I will get another opinion in a couple of days from another neurologists to see if this is a brain problem.

However as the behaviour is "acting like he is drunk" I tend to relate this to the alcohol. He was drinking "Raki" which is a heavy Turkish drink and he is drinking socially since 30 years. In the last 5-6 years, related to his depression, he started to drink 4-5 glasses every night (small bottle).

I hope this is a temporary and not a serious problem but it is definetly something to get control over.