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Re: HELP PLEASE: Acting drunk but not drinking?

Hi there Kaan. its good to know that your dad has been seeing doctors recently. if they've already tested his liver with blood work, i wouldnt worry about that. yes he was drinking some heavy duty stuff and this could very well be his brain just cleaning itself out until it gets back to normal. i dont think you need a third opinion personally, but whatever you have to do is fine. my dad is an alcohlic and even when he isnt drinking, he still acts drunk. i know his liver is in failure because his skin is yellow and so are the whites of his eyes. with my dad its only a matter of time because he will not stop drinking. he has no desire. i think you are doing all of the right things as far as i can see. there is nothing else i can think of that you should be doing. the blood test would have revealed high amonia levels, thats how they find it. please keep us posted as i would like to know what the neurologist or any other appointments reveal. best of luck to you!