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Re: vitamin d3 NOT from lanolin - what brands worked for you??

thanks, jen. solgar brand is available at the HFS around the corner from my house, so i will check that out and also biotics research.

this is off-topic from my original post, but i noticed that you have commented often on posts related to vitD, so i'm wondering if you might be knowledgeable about vit D creating an iron deficiency? i take calcium citrate and magnesium glycinate with my vit D, and i'm reading that calcium competes for absorption with, if you're supplementing vit D and cal, it can create an iron deficiency. up until a couple of months ago, i ate a vegetarian diet, but in trying to get as many nutrients as possible from my diet rather than supplements, i have added meat back into my diet a few times a week. i notice that over the past couple of weeks, i am feeling very fatigued (even though my recent vit D labs show that my level is improving -- still deficient, but improving). i notice the color in my face is more pale than usual, and the inside of my lower eyelids are quite white with just a bit of light pink around the edges. have you heard of vit D and calcium supplementation affecting iron absorption? my doctor is really doing her best to give me the medical advice she can, but doctors' knowledge is mostly about pharmaceuticals, not nutrition. the last time my iron was checked in november, it was normal, but i have been supplementing vit D and calcium since january. just wondering if you might know something about that since you seem to be so wise about vit D. thanks!