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Re: Lasik Wavefront. No improvement after 1 week - reassurance please!

Hi, thanks for responding. I had bladeless (ultralase) Wavefront, so the recovery should be quicker. My vision still hasn't changed and I have my 1 wk appointment tomorrow. I expect they will say it's too early to start worrying, and maybe they are right. I'm glad your results are good and I'm sure (being optimistic) mine will be. They said I had 20/20 vision after 1 day but that was not correct at all! I squinted and guessed the line and said a P, when after closer inspection it was in fact an F! I just wish the surgeon could have been more honest about the recovery time, then at least I would know what to expect. He said I would see as clearly as with my vision is nowhere near that and I doubt it ever will be

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