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She aint heavy Shes my mom-Support Groups out there?

Hi all I am writing about my mother's experience with stroke and heart problems and what I am going through as well.
Briefly, we lost our Dad recently, and Mom was taking it very badly. We all were depressed and Mom was taking antidepressants at the time (Paxil). She may have gone off meds and fell in the back yard - or had a TIA again? Ended up in Urgent care with me. Then 4-5 hours later she had a major stroke in the car, next to me, we rushed back to hospital ASAP. No ambulance just went back and was directed to hospital emergency room. We were told she had a stroke and they were trying to stop the bleeding. Numerous tests and much time in the hospital - we were told that nothing could be done, except let the body heal. There was no option for surgury or anything else offered. When Mom was in the hospital she could not look to the left at all (totally looking to the right and left sided paralasis(left arm, leg and side of face).

Mom was transfered to a rehab facility for about a 6-8 months. She gradually recovered but not completely. Some memory was lost so she had to be reminded constantly and some short term memory problems as well.

Later she was transfered to home with a caretaker for 12 hours a day and me for the rest. I take care of mom on the weekends too 24 hours. briefly I am wondering why I am taking the majority of the burden, while two brothers do lesser for her. This gets me upset at times, but then I think they will not enjoy her while she is here.

I do have a problems with all my free time is taken up by her and wonder if there are any support groups out there? I wonder how I will find anyone to take care of mom for small breaks for me. Family does help but it s not enough.

Recently my left arm is painful to move around so I am doing less and taking Motrin or Ibuprophin 600 MG.

I see others are having similar problems as well I guess this is life. At times I want my mom to be normal again, but then I realise it will not happen. I guess I just have to accept all that has happened on my watch. Oh and by the way one brother tried to blame me for my moms problems, do you believe it? Some people are so dumb.
Anyway sorry for rambling on about this problem but it helps to get it out and talk about it. Thanks for letting me ramble.

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