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Re: Lasik Wavefront. No improvement after 1 week - reassurance please!

So we both had exactly the same procedure, except my prescription was much stronger, so yours should be a bit quicker. I wasn't 20/20 on the 1-day check, just "driving standard", but by Friday's 8 day the left eye was straight down to the 20/20 line.

I actually feel my vision's still wonky, but that's a combination of poor close vision (which cheap reading glasses will fix) and some lingering myopia and astigmatism in the right eye. Looking out of the window right now, I see the house across the street in perfect focus (the left eye doing all the work) - I just wish my reading glasses had shown up yesterday as promised!

Oh - I just remembered: at the 8 day mark, I was told my vision "might" still shift a little bit (but I think it's pretty much done now) - but I'd also just come off the week-long course of antibiotics and steroids, and the optometrist noted the steroids themselves tend to screw up your vision a bit. I'm pretty sure the end of the steroids made a difference, too. Presumably you've only just reached the end of your week of drops?

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