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Cool Well, I AM BACK!

Some of you might remember me (I forgot this is a stroke forum) Let me remind you I had a major brain stem stroke December 4th 2011 (clot). It was the worse thing I have EVER experienced Almost all my brain stem was damaged I did get fast treatment though thanks to my R.N. wife that saw me stroke out. The doctors told my wife I was now 100% disabled. They said I would never walk again or be able to do much normal activities again. After 2 weeks I was able to toss the walker and walk unaided although a little unsteady. After 1 month I was able to teach myself how to drive my stick shift sports car again. My face returned to normal, My left side was numb after the stroke and it remains so to this day (It has gotten better though) I have full use of my affected side with full strength in all limbs. I had a 6th nerve palsy that made me see double but this too has gradually improved and I now see only 1 image and my vision has returned to its former glory! I suffer NO PAIN. In my last post here I stated I was going to start a very part time job and see how it goes. I am happy to report I am still employed although it is still very part time with limited hours. I deliver pizza I know not much of a job but it is complicated and involves more than just delivery. I try to challenge my damaged brain each and every day almost to the breaking point as I feel this will help recovery. I am able to sleep a normal 8 night hours and stay up all day, I do get tired but not enough to hit the bed. Considering the prognosis the doctors gave both me and my wife I think things are improving at a dramatic pace for me. I still have a large aneurysm 3cm in my stem that is inoperable , this could burst today or 15 years from today no one knows. I choose not to focus on the aneurysm as I know if it does go my death will be fast!. Life goes on and I enjoy each and every Minute of it. My wife will see to it I am not kept on machines with little hope of recovery(She knows I want the plug pulled and she is a Hospice Nurse by trade) she has it in writing as well (this gives me great comfort). I have a wonderful hobby as well I built and fly a quad copter. You have no idea how hard this hobby is and complicated as well. Anyway I will cut this short, I just wanted to check in here so ya all know I have not forgotten any of you. I will be back again with another report of my wonderful recovery! (REMEMBER, LIVE EACH AND EVERY DAY LIKE ITS THE LAST! life is short HAVE FUN!)

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