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Wink Re: 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders

Hello & Welcome! Happy Mothers Day Too!

By chance I decided to go on the board today. I'm a Mom of 4 children, and my oldest baby, now 17, is autistic son & graduating high school in a couple of weeks!

...About your concerns. Don't panic. Breathe! Take it one step, and day at a time.

Is your daughter in any preschool? If so, are they noticing anything?

Autism really affects one socially. That is great she is making, or at least trying to make friends!

My daughter, now 13, held here bowel for that long too. The dr put her on myralax until she gave up trying to be too timid to go. I thought she would be the first one toilet trained out of all my kids, but as soon as she figured out she has control, and who likes the look of what comes out, she held it in. She didn't gain weight for 1 year. It broke my heart. We brought her to play therapy with a social worker to help her sort though her feelings. It was so tramatic for her, but I just recently found out, she doesn't even remember any of it! (My daughter is not autistic, but I would say an extemely sensitive girl)

I think with everything you have described, you should just have her evaluated. You can go through the county health department. Be patient though, because there is a lot of paper pushing. A month of papers, than atleast another month for an eval.

You could talk to your pediatrician and ask for a referral to a doctor that would be well qualified to not only evaluate her, but test her skills and abilities too.

Hope this helps you!


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