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Re: Severe head pain

Originally Posted by Taylojos View Post
Hi everyone I think this is the correct board. I 21 years old and been dealing with some heath issuess other then this. I have been having a severe headache/migraine the past 3 days now. I went to the ER Saturday night and they did a head ct and a spinal tap. Both came back just fine which I'm happy about. However this headache is so severe now when I get up I'm having non stop pain and throwing up. I only feel better when I lay down flat on my back. I went to my Doctor and she gave me an Ivy and some migraine medicine but it has not done anything. My symptoms are severe pain in my temple and behind my eyes, vomiting, stiff neck, light headed/off balance, sinsitivity to light, and weak legs. Does anyone know what this could be? I'm starting to get really worried about it and don't want anything bad happening! Thanks

Your symptoms sound a lot like mine. CSF leaks are hard to Dx if it is not black and white trauma. Spinal taps can cause these leaks as well as spontaneous leaks. The key that made me post is it helps the headache when you lay flat!

Hope you find relief