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Re: Tingling/burning neuropathy with no loss of feeling

Originally Posted by penguinsfan View Post
I've had a long list of weird symptoms that started Sept 2011 that I'd like advice on. It started with a pounding heartbeat that would keep me up at night. It lasted for about a week (day and night) until it subsided. I also noticed that there was an electric current like sensation in my face with a trembling lip, particularly at night, and I would wake up sometimes in a cold sweat. After the heart symptoms subsided I started getting random muscle twitches most everywhere, though most frequently in a thumb or in my toes. It started as a persistent twitch in my left thumb. I could overpower the twitches in my thumbs and elsewhere so I wouldn't describe them as spasms.

A few weeks ago I started getting a persistent twitch in my left foot along with a slight tingling. After a day outside in the cold wind on Jan 28th, I noticed the tingling spread up my left calve, to my right leg and then into my hands and arms. That night my sleep was fitful with cold sweats. It was followed by a bout of awful fatigue that has only recently let up. I also erupted later in the week with the worst cold sore I've ever had. The cold sore appeared in it's usual spot on my lip, started to heal then another new one appeared around it. Another cold sore appeared on my gums about a week after as well. I started taking acyclivor as a result. The all-over tingling/burning is intermittent and has not gone away either. The trembling in my lips is noticeable at night too.

I went to the doctor, he seemed to think it was a type of viremia though I'm not convinced. I had blood work and urine analysis which showed normal thyroid, hemoglobin, blood sugar, kidney function, B12 level, white blood cell count. EKG and blood pressure were normal as well.

I admit that what I've read about my symptoms has made me very anxious about MS. A hot bath seems to help, not worsen the tingling, and when I wake up in the morning I don't notice any tingling until I start moving around. I haven't noticed any other sensory changes such as loss of feeling or touch. My balance and coordination are fine. My eyesight hasn't changed either. Bending my head forward to check for Lhermette's sign doesn't trigger any tingling or shock sensations. I haven't noticed any brain fog or cognitive impairment either. I have noticed my feet are cold though.

Could these symptoms be a sign of mercury poisoning? I have eaten a fair bit of sushi in the last 6 months. I would appreciate any feedback on what route to take medically as well as any ideas as to possible causes of my symptoms.

Much appreciated
Hi, Hows your burning and tingling? any changes? You might want to look into small fiber neuropathy, it can be diagnosed by a skin biopsy. My condition started in a similar manner as yours with at first muscle twitching all over then it progressed to the tingling and burning.