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Re: Update on Mom

Originally Posted by ninamarc View Post
Good for you and your sister! Glad that Mom has a place to go. I thought it is funny that your sister forgot Mom's dinner and med. Guess it takes some time to get used to. She should have the schedule on the wall so it is clear.

There is trouble in paradise!! I am now refilling the meds. And, paying her bills. My sister wasn't going to give me the checkbook, but I think she was thrilled to not have to call in medication and pick it up. I had to call in 3 today---she had only 4 pills in each left. Hopefully, they will be ready. My sister bought mom a bed yesterday---without mom trying it out. It could have been a nice excuse to get her out---and get a bed that is comfortable for her. My sister had a fit when I told her to cancel it. She couldn't understand that if mom is paying, she should try it out before!! She gave me receipts where she reimbursed herself---had mom sign the check to her. Much of the stuff was for my sister. And, she didn't show me recepts for another $600 spent. Hopefully that now I am in charge of the money and POA, my sister won't go crazy spending mom's money. My sister is a spendaholic in her life. I didn't want to believe she would take advantage.

And....she says mom only has dementia when she talks to me. She said mom is fully capable of making her own decisions.

Sure didn't last long....if something sounds too good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true.