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Re: Relapsed, thinking suboxone is my only hope.

hi kelly i see you online i've bben down this road too many times...but i'll share what i know about suboxone, i have been on it before along with methadone, i am on methadone now, i would of choose suboxone again instead of the methadone but i had to have money up front for the therapy and to see the doctor. i find it very odd that in my area the doctors who are licensed to prescribe suboxone don't take insurance, but the pharmacy does so it covers the meds but not the doctors visits. so at the time i didn't have $500.00 bucks to see the doctor but to go to the methadone clinic they take insurance for everything so that';s why i went back on the methadone. this was all back in december the 22nd of 2011 is my clean date. so far so good. so any ways before i go into my story where are you at today? how are you feeling? take anything today? are you still planning to go to the va 2mrw? kicking this habit is very hard, my body was chemically dependent but the act of using for me i snorted my perks, anything that had hydro in it went up my nose but the feeling of something in my nose dripping down of the back of my throat was a addictive feeling for me too. weird i know.. before this round of pill abuse it was oxys when you could crush them up and snort them, when i couldn't do that any more and had to swallow them, well the effected me differently so i stopped and got clean with subs. if i recall right i was on 8mg a day. i cut it in half doing 4 mg in the am and 4 mg in the evening i think around 4 pm. it went under my tongue to disolve the taste is sooo nasty just remembering that taste now is turning my stomach, but the stuff was a wonder drug for me. at first maybe 2 weeks i was very sleepy on it but that leveled out in time. i slept so good at night that also took some time, but having a good night sleep was heaven sent = ) i started it while attending a day program so i was doing the mandatory group thing at the program but after 6 weeks at the day program i had to attend 1/ 45 min group a week and see the doctor i think every other week i was giving 2 weeks of pills at a time, and a pee test every week. but im sure every state and program/doctor was there own protocol they have you follow. i hope some of this info helped feel free to ask any thing if i can help i will try my best. i'm a 36 year old female/mother of 2 teenagers who know about my addiction, i'm married to a great guy whom has a drinking problem that he is working on, so that's a little bit about me in a nut shell i'm new to these boards people seam great, with great advice i take the good with the bad, some times i read something i don't want to but i know i need to. but keep in mind we are all different what works for 1 my not always work for someone else so just keep an open mind and ear to things or try to, i know easier said then done...remember you are not alone in this...far from..ttyl

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