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Re: Lasik Wavefront. No improvement after 1 week - reassurance please!

I know how you feel there - although that doesn't sound like a big deterioration to me; my -0.5D myopia with 1D astigmatism wasn't far off being able to struggle through the 20/20 line.

My +1 reading glasses arrived this morning, which make a BIG difference for closeup work in the mean time. Interestingly, I had been OK until now with my right eye (the slightly short-sighted one) but the "20/20" left couldn't manage to focus; today, both struggle with close up focus and do much better with the reading glasses on, which I think is a good sign: I'm hoping the right eye's catching up the left now.

Oh, when you've just come off the antibiotic and steroid drops, you might want to compensate by stepping up the artificial tear drops a lot - with hindsight, I screwed up there. (I went straight from 12 drops a day to 4, which wasn't enough in my case, so my eyes dried up and took a day or two to be comfortable again.)

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